5 food hack videos you need to watch

If you care about fighting food waste as much as we do, you’re gonna love the videos we’ve collected for you here. We’re always trying to find new inspiration for making food last longer, using it for new and unexpected things - and luckily the world wide web is filled with fun and simple videos showing you just that. 

Here are 5 of our favorites:

1) Start out by making sure you know how to make your groceries last longer. You may not be aware of how to store your veggies to get the most out of them. Tomatoes, for examples, don’t go in the fridge – did you know? Here are 5 tips for storing your groceries

2) Once you finished your salad or spring onions, do you discard the scraps? You don’t have to. There are easy ways to re-grow your fruits, veggies and herbs - even without a garden. See how you can grow your own veggies. It’s good for the environment – and it’s free!

3) Millions of bananas are eaten each year. With that comes millions of banana peels, which are good for so much else than just being thrown out. Some even say they can cure headaches – sounds a bit bananas, doesn’t it? We haven’t tried it so be sure to let us know if you give it a go. Here are 6 other ways to use banana peels.

4) Tired of making the same veggie stew over and over? Or do you have a bunch of veggies that you’re not sure what to do with? Why not try the “meatless Monday” that’s all over Instagram. Give one these recipes for meatless meat balls a try, and let us know which one is your favorite.

5) Ready for one last inspirational video? Next time you’re making a nice curry dish and end up making too much rice, try one of these 6 simple recipes for using your leftover rice.

What do you say? Ready to head into the kitchen and try out these hacks? We’d love to hear your tips on making the most of your food – be sure to share your favorite tips with us.

Let’s do more to waste less!

Sisse Hansen

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