Our ambitious mission: putting an end to food waste worldwide

Does that sound ambitious to you? Good. Because that’s what we are. Ambitious about our vision of creating a world where food produced is food consumed. It is exactly that vision and that ambition that made Mette Lykke get onboard in the fall of 2016 when she decided to invest in the company. Mette Lykke came from a role as CEO of Endomondo - an exercise app with millions of users worldwide. Since her introduction to Too Good To Go in 2016, she has taken on the role as CEO of Too Good To Go. Get to know her here.

“You can become a success if you solve a real problem”

I come from an independent family, but I didn’t plan on becoming an entrepreneur. Now, I can’t imagine being in any other business. Things are happening fast, and that’s fun - but there’s a lot more competition so you have to really hit something that hasn’t been seen before. Or do it a lot better. You have to believe in your project from the beginning. You can become a success if you solve a real problem. And we’re doing that here.

Technologically, it’s much easier now than 10 years ago to make digital ideas a reality, and if you break through the barriers now things can happen really fast. It doesn’t take special courage to be an entrepreneur, but I do like a challenge.

“We can affect food waste globally”

Two weeks after hearing about Too Good To Go, I invested in it and after a couple of months I was asked to join full time. I said yes to becoming the CEO because I think it’s an amazing purpose, and because I like the dynamics in the startup phase. Many tend to only see chaos, but I think it’s fun when 30 things are happening at once. Putting order into chaos and making things move forward. The adventure and the gut feeling of what this can become, that is something very special.

It’s great having been part of something like Endomondo that turned into a success, and which made a difference in people’s lives. It is not a coincidence that I am working with something that solves a problem again. When I have to spend most of my time on something, it can’t not matter. It has to move something in the bigger picture. With Too Good To Go, we have saved two million meals from ending up in the bin and thus saved the world from a lot of pollution. And we are just getting started. If we keep going like this, we can affect food waste globally within a few years. That’s motivating!

Sisse Hansen

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