What are you doing to your food?

Have you rescued so many meals through Too Good To Go that you don’t what to do with all that lovely food? Don’t worry - we have gathered a handful of tips for you.

Eat it

Well, the first one is almost a given - eat the food once you’ve picked it up. Some of the restaurants are super for when you’re working late and just need a quick and easy dinner. 

You can also save it for a lovely lunch the next day. Watch what Gittemary, zero-waste blogger, did when she lived off of Too Good To Go entire for a week

Cook it

Did you pick up a magic bag from the supermarket? Then there’s a lot of options for how you can use the contents of the bag. 

  1. Yoghurt: this can usually last longer than the “Best before” date. You can smell it, and if the smell is fine - eat away! If you can’t eat all of the yoghurt (or other dairy products), it’s super for baking (there are over 42.000.000 hits on Google if you type “bread with yoghurt” - and no, we don’t expect you to try them all). 
  2. Cold cuts: they sometimes have the print “Use by”, and that date has to be taken seriously. If you can’t eat it by the “Use by” date, then pop it in the freezer. You can then use it for when the family comes over for lunch - if they are hungry enough they’ll be able to finish it all, don’t you think? Read more about the “Use by” and “Best before” dates here
  3. Vegetables: there are endless possibilities with vegetables. Vegetable pizza. Vegetable pie. Pita bread with vegetable fillings. Vegetable lasagna. Vegetable soup. Vegetable stew. Basically all dishes “typically” made with meat can be made with vegetables. Google is also your friend here - try it out. Yes, we also have a suggestion for how to make meat-free meatballs in 4 different variations. 
  4. Fruit: pop it in the blender with some yoghurt, milk (or ice cream if you’re in that mood), and you have a delicious smoothie or milkshake. A lot of cakes are also yummy with some fruit in it (at least, I think so - I know many people might not agree with me on that one). 

These were just a few of many suggestions as to what you can do with the contents of your magic bags. There a lots of cool apps on the market that help you use your leftovers and the contents of your fridge; Make a Meal, Love Your Leftovers etc. Try them - we’d love to hear what you think,

Freeze it

Did you get a bunch of bread from the bakery that you simply can’t finish? Again - the freezer’s your friend, and you have lovely baked goods for the weekend brunch.

If you have a whole loaf of bread, you can slice it before freezing it. Then you have great bread for a quick lunch - maybe a sandwich?

A lot of veggies can also be popped in the freezer as they are. Then just put them into a large pot, and you are just a few steps away from having an easy, warming soup for a cold evening. Yum!

Share it

Last, but not least. Did you get so much food that you can’t finish it all? Then please do share it. Invite your friends or family for an all-you-can-eat buffet of surplus food. Knock on your neighbor’s door and offer them that cauliflower that you don’t really care for (I love cauliflower, but not everyone does).

Good food shouldn’t go to waste - so spread some love to the food and to the people you care about <3

Sisse Hansen

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