Success Team - Intern

Ghent, Belgium

30% of food produced is wasted. We are on a mission to change that.

Too Good To Go is a mobile app which reduces food waste by making surplus food from cafes, restaurants and supermarkets available to users. Our users purchase food through the app, collect locally and enjoy knowing they are saving food, money - and the planet!

Too Good To Go is scaling fast across Europe (we are in 9 countries already) with over 6 millions meals saved to date (that is over 12000 tons of CO2 emissions saved!). We have big, big plans and we want you to be part of them.

Too Good To Go Belgium is looking (for this quarter or the next) for the perfect intern for our Success department. Success is responsible for keeping customers and partners happy and aligned with the Too Good To Go brand. They are our personal superheroes: Think fast, put out fires, and make sure everyone gets the Too Good To Go experience they expect and deserve.

Still looking for an internship for this semester? Doing a thesis year where you want to take a chance to start building your resume a few days a week? Or just a low key semester with not a lot of courses that you want to fill up with some real life experience? Then you’re exactly what we’re looking for.

What does it entail?

- Being the go-to-person for our users to help them out and listen to their Too Good To Go adventures.

- Taking care of our current partners, help them with questions and optimize our way of working.

- Creating a perfect digital profile for our partners that entices our community to save meals from them.

- Translating and writing of newsletters, PR, blogs, website, emails…


Why are you the perfect food waste warrior to join our team?

- You have a workable knowledge of Dutch, French & English.

- You give off some serious Ernest Hemingway vibes and know your way around creative writing.

- You have affinity with modern digital tools and can work with Microsoft Office.

- Your irresistible charm translates as well on paper as on the phone.

- You love the idea of working in a hectic start-up culture and can function in an amazing but chaotic work environment.

- You have no problem working irregular hours (you’ll save the 9 to 5 for your midlife crisis).


Ready to fall in love?

- Amazing (and rare!) opportunity to join a fast scaling pan-European start-up with a very real environmental and social impact.

- The chance to do an internship where you get a lot of responsibility, people invest in your growth and you work with a team of highly dedicated people...

- Who celebrate as hard as they work!

Convinced you’re the missing link? Blow us away by sending us your resume and motivation letter as soon as possible.