Sales Specialist Inbound

Paris, France

1/3 of the food produced in the world is wasted. We are on a mission to fix that.

Too Good To Go is the world's number 1 app for fighting food waste. We reduce food waste by making surplus food from any food stores available to citizens. The magic of Too Good To Go has been spreading rapidly across Europe (14 countries to date), with over 10 million meals saved in France.

We have big, big plans to grow rapidly and build an always stronger and bigger team of the most engaged and talented Waste Warriors.

The biggest part of our team consists on growing supply - increasing the number of partners saving meals on Too Good To Go.

We need to go faster on onboarding all those partners to allow them to save food ! So how do we do it? That is where we need the expertise, hunger and experience of a super strong sales team lead to join us!

You will join our french team of more than 70 people to accomplish this ambitious mission and also become part of our Waste Warrior tribe of 500+ employees around Europe.

Be ready, this is an adventure : tough but exciting!!

As an Inbound Specialist, you are in charge of turning interest into passion: contact all stores as fast as possible and sell Too Good To Go as a Queen / King to turn everyone into an ambassador ! Inbound Sales is responsible of spreading our values to all new partners: “First impressions count”.


  • Negotiation and persuasion : you use your best arguments to convince stores that reached out to us to join Too Good To Go and fight against food waste.
  • Set up the best offer so stores sell their leftovers and fits with their needs.
  • Train the store and their employees on Food Waste but also on the store’s application.


  • Follow up with the stores: you will keep the relation with the store for 6 weeks to set things up well with them and maximize their impact.


  • A passionate for sustainability and fighting food waste - you know the urgency of change and action for the planet
  • You’re rigorous and organized: you like to get things done well.
  • You already had an experience in sales/as a telesales operator.
  • You’re not terrified by softwares and computers.
  • You’re a terrific talker (and listener) with the ability to quickly connect and establish a relationship with potential partners - restaurants, cafes and more.
  • Zero fear of the phone and the tenacity to keep trying when things get tough.
  • You’re hungry - you’re results focused, understand KPIs and driven to smash targets.
  • You’re independent, you know how to schedule your time to handle and follow several projects at a time.


Your team:

  • Has a social mindset and puts all its energy in maximizing its impact.
  • Shares knowledge: gives input and ideas to grow all together.
  • Targets excellence and grows fast!
  • Trust each other and dare to create: initiative is key.