Food waste in bakeries

With more than 20,811 bakeries, across the countries where you can save leftover food via Too Good To Go, the bakery category is one of the most popular in the app. Because why not save the baked goods across Europe and not waste the resources and love that's put into the baking of bread? 

"Around 20 million slices of bread are wasted every day in the UK" 

(WRAP, 2018)

Causes for food waste

  • Regular replenishment of stock and large product quantities on display
  • Demand unpredictability and challenges in demand forecasting
  • Lack of storage facilities
  • Availability of ready-made fresh food and products with relatively short shelf-life

Fighting food waste with bakeries

  • 20,811 bakeries across Europe have signed up to fight food waste together with consumers via Too Good To Go

  • The number of saved meals from the bakeries so far is 23,898,292
  • That amounts to over 59,746 tonnes of CO2 saved

The Case Study: Emmerys organic coffee-house and bakery

Bakers face the every-day challenge of baking freshly made cakes and tarts, pastries, loafs, buns and handcrafted sandwiches. With many items deemed unsellable after 24 hours, bakers dispose their day-old goods as consumers expect abundant supplies of day-fresh bread. Emmerys organic coffee-house and bakery experienced similar issues and therefore decided to take food waste head-on. Among other initiatives to cut down waste and reuse their leftovers, they decided to partner with Too Good To Go and sell their leftovers before closure via the application. Those baked goods, that would otherwise have ended in the bin, are now given a new chance to be eaten. Since the start of the partnership in 2016, 30 unique stores have saved over 144,910 meals this way and avoided over 362,462 kilos of CO2 with Too Good To Go!