Food waste in restaurants

There are a number of reasons that restaurants waste food every single day, but luckily there is a way to make sure that less food is wasted. 46,754 restaurants have already joined Too Good To Go to make sure that the food ends up on the plate and not in the bin. 

"A review of 114 restaurants across 12 countries found that nearly every site evaluated achieved a positive return, with the average restaurant saving $7 for every $1 invested in reducing kitchen food waste" 

(Clowes et al., 2019)

Causes for food waste

  • Over-preparation
  • Overfilled buffets
  • Incorrect and oversized portions
  • No practice of allowing customers to take home their own leftovers

  • Preparation residues (e.g trimmings, peels) and lack of repurposing of ingredients
  • Over-ordering, overstocking and lack of adequate storage facilities

Fighting food waste with restaurants

  • 46,754 restaurants across Europe have signed up to fight food waste together with consumers via Too Good To Go
  • The number of saved meals from restaurants so far is 25,017,290
  • That is over 62,543 tonnes of CO2 saved

The Case Study: Yo! Sushi

Just like most restaurants, YO! Sushi want to keep customers happy with enough choice and variety over lunch and dinner. At times, it can be difficult to predict how many customers will continue to come into the restaurant and how much they will eat which inevitably produces food waste from their revolving belt of fresh sushi as well as their pre-packaged sushi boxes sold for takeaway. In October 2016 YO! Sushi partnered with Too Good To Go to reduce food waste and ensure this delicious food was enjoyed, not wasted. Since then, the restaurant chain has managed to save over 110,000 meals equating to 275,000 kg of CO2.