The Local Food Waste Issue

Which local initiatives can Too Good To Go get involved with to prevent more food waste in your local area and country?

Every day at Too Good To Go we are doing our best to save food from going to waste. We try a lot of different initiatives with our partners, but we would love to hear some ideas from you guys on how we can help promote and expand the fight against food waste in your local area. 

Our awesome Country Manager in the UK, Hayley Conick, presents the food waste issue and what we would love you to do.

Create a presentation where you give your answer to this case. If you need it, we have created a FAQ where you can find answers to the most common questions about food waste and Too Good To Go.

We love creativity and hope you will do your very best to create an awesome video or presentation.

Suggestions and examples to some things you can work with

  • Do an analysis of the Too Good To Go concept and brand and the possibilities for the company to be involved in local initiatives
  • Think about what kind of events would motivate people in the fight against food waste
  • You can conduct a market analysis of the possibilities in your own local area
  • Look at the economics. You can, for example, set budgets that show the necessary investments when developing local initiatives
  • Maybe you can do something against food waste yourself in your local area i.e. at school?

Look through our Knowledge hub to find more information about food waste.