The Waste Innovation Case

What should the next step be for Too Good To Go?

At Too Good To Go we work together with a lot of bakeries, restaurants and grocery stores, and we have a good hold on those shops. They are good at saving food from ending up in the bin and the customers are happy. But we are looking for the next thing! We are always trying to expand our business and look for new ways to fight waste with as many partners as possible!

Our awesome Country Manager in the UK, Hayley Conick, presents a food waste issue and what we would love you to do.

Create a presentation where you give your answer to this case. If you need it, we have created a FAQ where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about food waste and Too Good To Go.

We love creativity and hope you will do your very best to create an awesome video or presentation.

Suggestions and examples to some things you can work with

  • Do an analysis of the Too Good To Go concept and brand and the possibilities for the company when engaging a new market.
  • What kind of audience and ideologies could Too Good To Go target and which role is the political side playing?
  • When we say waste, what else comes to mind?
  • Take a look at the local culture. Which things are important to know if you want to do business here?
  • Be creative and don’t let anything stop you from coming up with the most inspired ideas and answers. So, remember these are just suggestions.

Look through our Knowledge hub to find more information about food waste.