University challenges

Every month we receive dozens of student applications from different universities all around the world. Usually the students request help to complete a particular assignment, write a Master or Bachelor thesis or sometimes complete an ongoing research.

We feel flattered to be considered a good source of food waste knowledge, and also an interesting sustainable example. But we are also very selective with the student groups we support, and the research conducted by them. We want to be sure the time invested in collaboration is fully aligned with the big challenges we have as a company.

To make it easy to understand how we can support university students, we have divided the usual cases we receive into three categories. We have also compiled the typical topics and questions for each category. 

Business development

There are many ways to improve our business and move on into a new area, but the field is very complex. Many students want to develop an expansion plan for Too Good To Go in new countries, or develop new business lines to complement our current activities. We usually don’t accept any of these proposals as we already have teams working on these topics.

But there are several topics that we are interested in hearing about from students, if the research plan is solid and the students are committed:

The future of the food industry 

  • How can Too Good To Go shape the future of food industry waste? 
  • What are the top global trends in food and how should Too Good To Go be positioned according to those?

New partnership models 

  • How do we use our position as an authority in food waste to create new, valuable propositions for business partners?
  • What kinds of models and partnerships should we offer over the next years?

Sustainable business models 

  • How could sustainable business be a great business case? 
  • What are the drivers behind a win-win-win situation?

Innovation and technology

We are a tech company at heart, but not all our actions tech specific. Many students want to analyse the impact of our tech on society and suggest great uses for our technology and our UX.

Here are some topics that we're always interested to hear about, if the tech plan is solid and the students are committed:

Tech for the future  

  • How can Too Good To Go use technology to inspire and empower the future generation, with the aim of cultivating greater respect for food and being more conscious and proactive about reducing food waste?
  • What are the biggest tech challenges in developed countries?


  • How can Too Good To Go educate children of 4-12 years around food waste and reach the next generation at an early stage? 
  • How can Too Good To Go engage consumers under a sustainable purpose through technology and gamification?

Brand and marketing

We are a brand followed by millions of people. Usually students want to work on analysing our audiences, the motivation of our consumers and the brand recognition of Too Good To Go.

But there are a series of challenges we might want to address from a different point of view:

Brand expansion 

  • How can Too Good To Go increase awareness of its brand, product and the food waste issue through marketing activities? 
  • What could be the priorities and strategy for the brand, over a year, in a new market? 
  • How can Too Good To Go help build an impactful, global, anti-food waste movement?


  • How can we measure the local impact of Too Good To Go both in terms of food waste reduction and awareness of the food waste issue?

Marketing knowledge 

  • How can we learn more about our consumers and partners, to help us improve our marketing? 
  • What are the main drivers for the use of sustainable brands? 
  • Why do companies decide to invest in CSR?

Do you want to do a project with us?

This is your chance to show us what you know, flex your research and innovation skills and think about solutions for a better future.

Before reaching out, you should check out our FAQ where you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive from students

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