47 million tons of food gets wasted in European households every year, which is more than half of the total food waste in the EU. We believe that raising awareness about the issue and how to help solve it are the keys to success.

6 tips to avoid food waste in your home

The issue of food waste can feel overwhelming but even the smallest changes in our daily habits can make a difference.

Check out these handy tips and tricks to help you reduce food waste:

Download Too Good To Go

The app connects you and your household to stores and restaurants that have unsold food. A simple way for you and your family to fight food waste, while also getting something delicious in return!

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Our goal is to inspire 50 million people by 2020


We want to inspire homes to take action against food waste. There is no easy way of measuring the amount of people one inspires, but we decided to define it as the number of registered users of our application.

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