Why is food wasted?

The Food Supply Chain

Nowadays, food is transported over long distances across continents. This means that end consumers are becoming increasingly disconnected from the source and the supply chain becomes longer and more fragmented. Food waste is in may ways a systemic issue rather than the fault of just one entity. To solve it, different stakeholders will need to coordinate and collaborate in harmony.

Food waste occurs at all stages from farm to fork

As food travels all the way from the producer to the consumer, it moves through various stages. There are many different reasons why food is either lost or wasted within these different steps, but these can be summarised to (BCG, 2018):

  • Lack of awareness of the problem and the solutions at hand
  • Inadequate supply chain infrastructure
  • Supply chain inefficiency
  • Weak collaboration across the value chain
  • Insufficient regulations

To find out more on the challenges each stakeholder faces in the supply chain, you can access more information here: 


Handling & Storage

Processing & Packaging

Distribution & Retail