When you are wasting food - you are wasting your time

Imagine this. You've just done your grocery shopping for a week. You've filled three bags with nice, fresh and delicious food and drink. But then, on your way home, you throw one of the bags away. Just like that.


Doesn't really make sense, does it?


But we all do it. Research shows that in the common, Western household 40% of all perfectly edible food purchased by consumers is thrown out.


Stop wasting your time


Of course, we know that you wouldn't just throw out your shopping like that. What's really happening is that we don't plan well enough. We buy more than we can finish before it goes bad. Or we're a bit tired so we end up buying takeout instead of cooking what we already have. All of this is normal. We all do it. But if we just start thinking a bit more about how we do our planning, shopping and cooking, we can make some changes pretty easily. It's all about habits. See our five tips for minimizing food waste, if you're ready to start now!


If you need more convincing, let's try and put things into perspective. Because food being wasted is a lot more than just that.


Wasting your food is also wasting your money. The average household spends around 1,000 euros a year on food they end up wasting. That’s a new TV - a weekend getaway - or your monthly tv-, phone- and internet bill combined.


And that's not all. On top of wasting money by wasting your food, you’re also wasting your time. Each month, you waste up to 4 hours by shopping for items you’re not even using. That’s a weekly yoga class. A longer walk with the dog. Or being able to sit down at the dinner table and enjoy some quality time with both food and family. 


Food for thought


It's clear that wasting food makes no sense. Take a moment to think of all the processes that go into actually delivering, let's say a banana, to your nearest grocery shop or your favorite restaurant. First growing it, then nourishing it, harvesting it, sorting it, transporting it, and delivering it to its final destination. A lot more than a banana goes to waste when it's thrown out (you would not believe how many bananas are wasted daily - that's another post, another time).


So many people and processes have been a part of this banana's life. And then it just goes to waste. The food, the time, the money. 


We want to change that. And we want you to be part of it. So let’s start spending our food, time and money (and bananas) wisely.

Sisse Hansen

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