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Europe saves 100,000 meals per day with one app. Here's how it could work in the US
4 months ago
Though the US has more residents who live in food insecurity than Europe does, it also sees a higher share of food waste from restaurants and supermarkets, Lykke says. Some 37 million Americans struggle with hunger, yet food is wasted on the retail part of the chain. "There is a big problem for us to solve," she adds. Outside of the app's service, Too Good To Go has also worked to create a movement against food waste in the industry and education systems. "The problem is way bigger than just the restaurant business," Lykke says. "The mindset we have around food is a bit flawed, and we're trying to bring respect for food back to people's minds."
UK food industry fears waste explosion as coronavirus strains supply chain
4 months ago
Surge in supermarket sales and shutdown of hospitality sector disrupts finely-tuned system “When you rock the supply chain like this it becomes really inefficient,” said Mette Lykke, CEO of food waste reduction app Too Good To Go. Hayley Conick, UK manager for the start-up, added that the stockpiling of groceries was “concerning”. “The risk for increased food waste is huge during these extraordinary times,” she said.
Danish company Too Good To Go eyes new American front against global food waste
7 months ago
Too Good To Go, which connects users of its app with restaurants and shops that sell unsold food for a third of the price, is ready to expand into the U.S... The app has sent users flocking to Poland-based Starbucks, according to Mateusz Sielecki, who heads Starbucks franchise operations in the region for AmRest Holdings EAT, -1.20% EAT, +0.37%. Sielecki told MarketWatch the app has saved more than 5,000 bags of Starbucks leftovers in Poland since October 2019.
The entrepreneur stopping food waste
7 months ago
The BBC's weekly The Boss series... speak(s) to Mette Lykke, co-founder of fitness tracker Endomondo, and chief executive of food waste app, Too Good To Go. Mette describes it as a "social impact" company... "At the moment, every revenue we make goes back into the business. Just growing it and expanding it to more and more countries. That's our focus." "I feel like this is just the beginning," says Mette. "It doesn't feel like we're anywhere near the goal line at all. Within the next five years, we want to have saved a billion meals."
The start-ups on a mission to reduce food waste
7 months ago
Supermarkets are also partnering with apps to help reduce waste: this winter, Morrisons is joining up with Copenhagen-based Too Good To Go, which was launched in 2015. “What I really care about . . . is that I am solving a real issue,” [Mette Lykke] says.
Are apps tackling food waste an antidote to our throwaway culture?
9 months ago
Mette [Lykke] says food waste is rooted in society's throwaway culture and the consumers' pursuit of perfect produce. Dented milk cartons and vegetables sprouting unwanted limbs rarely get a chance to make it off the shelves of a supermarket, let alone to a kitchen table. A lot of this will come down to education. Too Good To Go has an ambitious agenda to tackle food waste on four fronts: households, businesses, schools and governments.
The World Wastes Tons of Food. A Grocery ‘Happy Hour’ Is One Answer.
a year ago
Some of the most promising food waste efforts are apps that connect food sellers to food buyers. Think Tinder, except one party in this hookup is a person and the other is an aging loaf of bread. Among the most popular is Too Good to Go, a company based in Copenhagen, with 13 million users and contracts with 25,000 restaurants and bakeries in 11 countries. Consumers pay about one-third of the sticker price for items, most of which goes to the retailer, with a small percentage paid to the app.
10 New Year's Resolutions To Help The Planet In 2019
2 years ago
When you’re in the late night, early start grind, takeaway food ends up as a lifeline. But with all of the plastic packaging involved, it’s not the most eco route – “320 million perfectly edible meals are also thrown away each year by UK food venues,” according to Jamie Crummie, UK co-founder of Too Good To Go, an app which lets you buy food that hasn’t sold at restaurants on any particular day at reduced prices.
Revealed: 9 ways to save money and the planet this Christmas
2 years ago
Approximately 2 million turkeys, 74 million mince pies and 17.2 million Brussel sprouts are thrown out each year during the festive period. Planning your meals and buying loose food that doesn’t come in plastic packaging can help you cut down on your food bill and carbon footprint, too. You could also save money by using food apps such as Too Good To Go.
UK restaurants and cafes bin 320m fresh meals a year, data shows
2 years ago
Almost 900,000 perfectly edible, freshly prepared meals end up in the bin in the UK every day, new figures reveal, because they haven’t been sold in time by restaurants and cafes. This means that more than 320m meals are thrown away by British food establishments every year – enough meals for everyone in the UK five times over, according to food waste app Too Good To Go.